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Tattoo Studio Offers Free Anti-Racism Tattoos

Tattoo Studio Offers Free Anti-Racism Tattoos

Pride and Glory is a tattoo studio in Graz, Austria, that prides itself on uniqueness. The company believes that just as every person is unique, so should every tattoo be. “We are convinced that no one should take the same tattoo,” it says on the website.

But over the last couple of months, Pride and Glory has been promoting an additional ideal: anti-racism.

Alex Smoltschnik, who runs the tattoo studio, decided to launch a campaign against racism after being motivated by responses to a local incident.

A car allegedly driven by someone of Bosnian descent plowed into a crowd in the city, killing three people. There was sympathy for a couple of days, but that soon dried up and people of the same ancestry as the driver soon found themselves being targeted.

Smoltschnik’s anti-racism campaign is a simple one. He announced on Facebook that anyone who booked an appointment at Pride and Glory before 18 July would be entitled to an almost-free tattoo, as long as that tattoo represented multiculturalism or anti-racism in some way.

Aufgrund der sozialen Entwicklung startet Pride & Glory die Aktion “Tattooing for Change”. Das heißt ,wenn ihr euch bei…

Posted by Pride and Glory – Tätowierkunst seit 1997 on Tuesday, 7 July 2015


He told his followers that liking something on Facebook was nice, but it wasn’t enough. He wants to do something to make a difference, or at least help other people show they care.

More than 500 people got in touch to say they were interested, and so far, more than 200 bookings have been made.

It’s up to the customer what they want their tattoo to look like. As long as it’s unique and against racism, they only have to pay for the cost of materials, like the ink, the needles, that kind of thing.

Smoltschnik explained that by getting something as personal as a unique tattoo, you’re making a statement that is visible to everyone else.

“Of course, we’re not going to save the world with tattoos against racism,” he said. “But I think it’s still important to give a sign of desire for a common coexistence.”

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