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Oscars 2014 – The Selfie

Oscars 2014 – The Selfie

Whether you love the Oscars or hate them, everyone seems to have at least a little something to say about the award show. This year, for the Oscars 2014 on Sunday night, Ellen DeGeneres hosted for the second time, and gave a lot of people a lot to talk about.

The last time Ellen hosted was in 2007, but this time was different. This time, the host was tweeting the whole time she was presenting the show. And after what was considered not-too-great a start, Ellen brought it back by announcing that she wanted to break the record for the most retweeted photo on Twitter.

The previous record for the most-retweeted photo was held by President Barack Obama after he won the presidency re-election in 2012, which saw 778,424 people reposting the picture of he and his wife, Michelle, hugging in celebration.

Handing a Samsung Galaxy Notes 3 to Best Supporting Actor Nominee Bradley Cooper, Ellen gathered A-list stars from the front row, and they all posed for Cooper’s ‘selfie’. These celebrities, from left to right, were Jared Leto, Best Supporting Actor Winner for Dallas Buyers Club; Jennifer Lawrence, Best Supporting Actress Nominee; Channing Tatum and Meryl Streep, who was one of the Best Lead Actress Nominees; Ellen, stood next to Best Supporting Actress Nominee Julia Roberts; Kevin Spacey, sporting an amused half-grin in the back of the picture; Bradley Cooper; Brad Pitt, who produced 12 Years a Slave that won three Oscars; Lupita Nyong’O, who won Best Supporting Actress and stood next to her brother Peter Nyong’O; and Angelina Jolie.

Oscars 2014

Within half an hour of the selfie being taken, it had already been retweeted almost half a million times. After an hour, the record was already broken – as were Twitter’s servers, which had to deal with 254,644 tweets per minute that resulted in a 20 minute crash. By the end of the ceremony, the figure stood at 2,070,132, and two days after the event the picture had been reposted more than three million times.

In a boost for a pizza delivery man, Edgar Martiroysan, who was working his regular shift, Ellen also ordered pizza for everyone at the Oscars. He got given a tip of $1,000 – $600 from the stars after a whip round, and $400 from Ellen herself as a sorry for not providing payment promptly.

As for the rest of the Oscars, 12 Years a Slave won Best Picture, but the aside from the selfie, the show was stolen by Gravity which came away with seven Oscars in all. Let’s not forget the other big winners at the award ceremony, including Matthew McConaughey who won Best Lead Actor for his role as an AIDs sufferer in Dallas Buyers Club, and Cate Blanchett as Best Lead Actress for her role in Blue Jasmine.

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