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A Whole New Meaning to “Building Your Own PC”

A Whole New Meaning to “Building Your Own PC”

There are going to be some of you out there who regularly tinker with your computer and have it souped up to the max. For the rest of us, tampering with the inside of our machines or building our own computer can look like a very daunting task indeed.

But all that could be able to change with one of Acer’s latest desktop computers unveiled at IFA Berlin, one of Germany’s annual tech shows. Acer is bringing a whole new meaning to “building your own computer” with this tiny, interchangable PC.

The Revo Build Series is made up of a series of “blocks” that stack on top of one another, magnetically snapping together with little connectors on the tops and bottoms of the blocks.

The idea was to develop a computer that was easy to customise and add components to without having to unscrew anything to mess about with wires and the like. It’s simple enough that even someone with absolutely no experience could put it together and build their perfect computer.

The initial block is a small block that only measures 5x5x2in (13x13x5cm). In this block, you will find 8-gig of RAM and 32GB of solid-state storage. This is on top of various ports on the back and sides: 3 USB ports, HDMI-out, DisplayPort, Ethernet, and an SD slot.

It will – initially, at least – run relatively limited processing power with a lower-end Celeron or Pentium processor with integrated graphics. The restricted processing power might not appeal to gaming enthusiasts to begin with, but with a series of blocks being launched in the months following initial release, we could see a big turnabout.

The blocks stack with magnetic connectors and can be used as stand-alone devices

Some of the add-on blocks will have the capabilities to work as stand-alone units with other computers, too, so they won’t just appeal to those who go and buy the Revo Build Series starting block. To begin with, though, the only add-on blocks available for purchase will be a 500GB or 1TB portable hard drive.

The computer is expected to go on sale in October at a minimum price of £199. After that, there are a couple of blocks that customers can look forward to, such as the Graphics Block. As you can probably imagine, this one will improve the quality of graphics in games and other image-sensitive processes.

The Power Bank Block will be able to charge the PC when it isn’t plugged in and even potentially charge compatible mobile phones. There will also be an Audio Block, with built-in speakers and a microphone, which could be used as a music player in its own right when disconnected from the computer unit.

Over time, more modules will be rolled out, but users are also invited to suggest ideas for future modules to Acer. The Revo Build Series has the potential to be huge and appeal to a lot of different kinds of computer user.

Chris Green is a tech consultant for the Davies Murphy Group, a PR firm. He explained that some companies have already been working on phones with module blocks that allow you to add on extra features, so it makes sense for the same idea to be applied to a desktop computer.

“A modular PC for a gamer would be perfect,” he said, “as it would let them add in extra capabilities without having to get their hands dirty.”

But obviously, that doesn’t just apply to gamers, but to anyone who wants to adapt their computer to be just right for them. This might be just the thing we have all been waiting for…

This is what the Revo Build could ultimately look like

Image Source: Acer at IFA Berlin

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