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The Library Hermit

The Library Hermit

Most of us will be able to remember that feeling of impending doom and panic as we realise that possibly the most important exams of our lives are just around the corner, AND WE ARE JUST NOT READY YET…

One student from the University of Birmingham took the concept of last-minute studying to a whole new level by living in his uni library building for six weeks – literally.

The situation came about when the student, who wishes to remain anonymous, recognised that there was a good chance he was going to fail his degree and subsequently throw away his £30,000 student loan unless he got his act together.

The UoB Library Hermit, as the student has come to be known, reached out to his brother, who “works for a top law firm” according to the Hermit’s Facebook page.

The brother said that if the Hermit were to pass his exams, the entire student loan would be paid off… But there was a catch. The Hermit would have to live in the library – actually physically live in the library – for six weeks, under an array of rules to live by in that time. For example, he was only allowed to leave the library for 45 minutes a day to shower, and an additional 45 minutes every other day to buy food.

And the Hermit’s brother was more than one step ahead – he’d contacted the student’s housemates and got them in on the plan. They would be studying for their own exams in the library anyway, so were asked if they could take visits to the building in shifts so that they could give the Hermit a hand with his studying, as well as keeping him company, occasionally taking his dirty clothes home to wash and dry before bringing them back to him, and, above all, making sure he didn’t cheat.

Understandably, six weeks is a lot of consecutive time to spend in the library for anyone, and so the Hermit has been documenting his journey on his specially-created Facebook page, probably to keep himself from going crazy. At the time of writing, the student had accumulated more than 16,000 Facebook ‘likes’, a cult following of fans (students and non-students alike) following his progress through the many amusing anecdotes littering his page. He has become something of a legend, particularly because he has yet to reveal himself, and also the winner of the university’s “Big Name on Campus” award.

While we can’t claim to have been in the exact situation that the Hermit put himself in, most of us can relate and that is what has pulled in so many supporters. The Hermit’s challenge is now complete – he has taken his exams and is not longer a hermit, and we can only hope his excursion was not in vain, that he has passed his exams and won both the prize and his pride.

Here is an excerpt from one of the Hermit’s posts that we here at Daily Diamond particularly enjoyed:

“And standing there on the bottom step of the Main Library looking up at the stars, I surrendered myself to the Universe, and in a broken whisper, I cried out: ‘Why am I here?’ And to my surprise, the Universe replied. ‘Because you never went to lectures and you drink too much, you f*cking tit.’”

If you want to read the Hermit’s journey from almost-failure to campus-legend, you can by visiting his Facebook page, here. Good Luck, Hermit!


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