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‘The Doctor and the Dalek’: Coding for Kids

‘The Doctor and the Dalek’: Coding for Kids

Today marks the launch of the Doctor sharing some of his vast knowledge with six to 12-year-olds through the medium of gaming.

He’ll be doing this through a new game from the BBC, called The Doctor and the Dalek. As part of the BBC’s drive to develop the UK’s coding ability over the next year, Make it Digital, the game aims to introduce children to coding and programming and improve their computer skills.

The game’s storyline sees the Doctor (voiced by the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi) asking the player for help in tackling a variety of puzzles. These are based around the computer science curriculum of Key Stages 2 and 3 (KS2/3).

A Dalek has been captured and held by Cybermen on their spacecraft. After answering the Dalek’s distress call and freeing the fearsome foe, the Doctor – with the help of the player – completes a series of tasks to restore it to full power.

A Dalek in the gameThe player combines instructions and logical reasoning to achieve each goal, learning while they play. To help children get the most from the game, parents and teachers can check out supporting resources (available here) that will also enable them to assist the child if they get stuck.

“It is an excellent example of how a hugely popular BBC show can give fans something extra, whilst also introducing wider audiences to increasingly important skills, such as coding and programming,” said BBC Director of Television Danny Cohen.

Head of BBC Learning, Sinead Rocks, said that the game should become a valuable learning tool, not only for the children playing it, but also for teachers and parents, too.

“We are really excited about the launch of The Doctor and the Dalek,” she said. “As not only is it a really entertaining platform game for kids to play, but it is also a great introduction to some key principles of computer programming.”

You can check out The Doctor and the Dalek on the CBBC website.


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