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The CV Man is Now Hiring!

The CV Man is Now Hiring!

In this day and age, hundreds upon hundreds of people can be applying for the same role. Of course, there is often only one position to fill, so what can a person do to make themselves stand out?

A unique approach to the job hunt could be what it takes to attract employers and land the role of your dreams.

And someone who has managed to accomplish this is 22-year-old Alfred Ajani from Coventry.

You might have seen Alfred in the news – or even in person – last year. After graduating from Coventry University with a marketing degree, the job offers should have been rolling in for Alfred. But job application after job application later, he realised this rather conventional approach wasn’t working.

And so Alfred would spend hours of his time standing in London’s Waterloo Station, dressed in a suit and holding a sign. The sign simply read, “Marketing Graduate (BA Hons 2.1 Coventry Uni)” and indicated to ask Alfred for his résumé.

He came up with the idea during a CV and Employability workshop, helping the young people involved with the charity SE1 United. Everyone was trying to think up ways of getting themselves noticed and hired.

“We were all brainstorming ideas, and this is what I came up with,” Alfred explained next year. “I thought to myself, ‘It only has to work once’ – and it did!”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Alfred didn’t have to spend too much time with his sign. He attracted the eye of several potential employers and just a few short months later, he started a new job as Marketing and PR Manager for The Asoria Group, a recruitment company.

So you might be confused as to why Alfred is back is in his spot, holding a sign… But this is a different sign; this sign reads, “Now I’m hiring”!

After uploading a photo to Twitter (below), Alfred said the company had received an overwhelming response, with hundreds of CVs being send in. Some of the applicants have even been contacted back and will be headed in for interviews in the near future.

Alfred uploaded this photo to Twitter

Alfred also added that when he first stood in the station, holding his sign, he didn’t expect to become as popular as he has done. He has been moved by his own success story inspiring other people – people who are in the same position that he was in not so long ago.

And if he ever comes across a person in Waterloo Station, holding a sign and dressed in interview-best, he certainly won’t be ignoring them.

To conclude, Alfred gives job hunters everywhere this little nugget of advice: “Struggle to proceed and be ready to promote yourself today for a better tomorrow… Don’t be scared to try something new; safe is risky.”


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