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Tesco’s First Smartphone and Second Tablet

Tesco’s First Smartphone and Second Tablet

Tesco may have seen a drop in profits this year, but that doesn’t stop its ambitions; the supermarket chain’s latest announcements revealing that not only will a follow-up to last year’s tablet be on the shelves in September, but also Tesco’s very first smartphone.

Last September saw the launch of the Hudl, a tablet computer for the lower end of the market at only £119, with relatively low specifications. That being the case, the tablet managed to sell more than 400,000 units within the first three months, totalling more than half a million to date.

Tesco's "Hudl" tablet

The thing about tablet is that they tend to sell best in the final quarter of the year, in the build up to Christmas (which is why they went with September in the first place), so the plan is to launch the Hudl 2 this coming September, to see if they can mimic the success. Philip Clarke, who is Tesco’s Chief Executive, didn’t give away what upgrades the tablet would be undergoing, but did state: “The new model will be an enhanced version.”

The smartphone, on the other hand, is thought to have similar specifications to the Samsung Galaxy S5, though the specifics about power, screen size and cost are yet to have been revealed. What we can expect, though, is an Android operating system, and the smartphone is going to be comparable to the higher end of the market, unlike its tablet counterparts.

The smartphone is also going to be preinstalled with Tesco services, including Blinkbox (TV, music and movies renting service from Tesco) and Clubcard TV (Tesco’s free movies and TV service), as well as online banking, clothing, groceries and homeware.

One thing that you can expect from the smartphone, though, is that it will be aggressively priced, so it might very well end up being similar to the Galaxy S5, but it is unlikely to be in the same price range.

Mr Clarke also recently stated that the supermarket is trialling a digital version of the Tesco Clubcard, as well as working on its own social network. He also hinted that he intends to retain his position at the company until at least 2020. “I’m 54, and I have been at it for 40 years,” he said. “I think normally in Britain, people like me retire at 60 and that gives me another six years.”

So, to recap, by the end of the year, Tesco will have not one, but two, technological products to tempt customers in: a second tablet and a smartphone. Maybe next year’s profits will tell a different story from this year? Watch this space.


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