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Struggling Bartender Tipped $1,000

Struggling Bartender Tipped $1,000

We never tire of sharing stories of immense and spontaneous generosity of some people, and here is another, coming out of Wake Forest, North Carolina in the US.

Chrisi Kemp has been waiting tables for the best part of 16 years and is currently a bartender for the One Whirled Café. She recently learned that kindness can come from anywhere, and often out of the blue, when one of her customers left her a tip that she will remember for the rest of her life.

The customer had been walking past the café on 21 September, when he caught Chrisi’s eye through the window and decided to pop in, groceries in hand. He ordered a couple of drinks and struck up conversation with her, talking about everything from travel to gardening to helping the homeless.

“We were talking about the most random things,” Chrisi said, “but nothing about either one of our personal lives.”

When the customer went to settle his bill of just over $14 with his credit card, he surprised everyone by filling out the tip section of the cheque with “$1,000” – that’s a bonus of 7,138%!

“I looked down and was shocked!” Chrisi exclaimed. “I said, ‘You don’t have to do that.’ And he said, ‘Do you need it? Well then, keep it,’ and he pushed the bill back to me.”

Asking him why he insisted on helping her, the customer – who wishes to remain anonymous – said that he believes in karma and that it was her turn.

And little did the customer know that the tip could not have come at a better time for the bartender. Her daughter had fallen ill several months before as a result of an unusual allergy, and Chrisi was struggling to keep on top of hospital payments. Her washing machine had also broken down earlier that very day and she wasn’t in any position to replace it.

She ran out back to tell café owner and chef Chris Ortlepp what had happened, who was equally astonished at the stranger’s generosity.

“It was incredulous!” he said.  ”He was very forthcoming that he was in a position to do this and very willing to do so, and he was going to stand by it,” Chris said, explaining that he had asked the customer if he was sure he wanted to tip so much.

But several days later, Chrisi still hadn’t cashed the cheque, and called the customer just to confirm one last time that this was what he wanted to do. When he again insisted that he was sure, Chrisi shared some of the money with her two coworkers from that night because it had been an awfully slow night with few other customers besides this generous person.

Chrisi is still astounded by the whole event. “I am thankful for it because I needed the money,” she explained. “I do what I can – I’m a very giving person myself. I just can’t believe it happened to me.”

Faith in humanity = restored.


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