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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

If, like many people, you feel that the mirror is not your friend first thing in the morning and you wish it would just say something nice about how you look, then you might want to go shopping. In an IKEA store in London, there is a mirror up as part of the display that literally compliments customers as they go about their shopping.

Earlier this year, IKEA published their Life at Home Report, a survey that aims to give insight into how people go about their mornings in eight different cities. The report examines a range of aspects from what people think they should be getting up to in the mornings to how they feel about themselves as they leave the house.

The study found that in an average week, just under half of people in the UK (that took part in the survey) don’t receive a single compliment. But 26% of these people said that all it would take is one kind word in their direction in the morning to help them feel a little better about themselves for the rest of the day.

Reflecting on the information provided from this survey, the staff at IKEA in Wembley decided to add a smart mirror to their display, that would compliment the shoppers’ physical appearance as they passed. It is hoped that a simple message from this mirror will help cheer people up a little as they go about their day.

The Motivational Mirror works by using an Xbox Kinect motion sensor that uses information about a customer’s facial and body features to activate a corresponding compliment from within the system. For example, a gentleman walks past the mirror sporting generous facial hair, and the mirror flashes up with the message, “That’s a magnificent beard.”

“It is often the smallest things that make the biggest difference,” said Myriam Ruffo, IKEA UK & Ireland Head of Bedrooms and Bathrooms. “We believe that starting the day positively, by having a good night’s sleep, quality time with loved ones, or a boost to our self-esteem, will have knock-on effects that shape not only the mood of the individual, but that of the nation.”

If the mirror is successful in cheering customers up and making them feel better about themselves, then other mirrors like it might make their way to other UK stores. If that happens, we might be popping down to our local IKEA just for a little ego pick-me-up!


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