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Million Mask March – A Peaceful Protest

Million Mask March – A Peaceful Protest

 Thousands of people around the world including some MPs and celebrities such as Russell Brand took part in the Million Mask March on November 5th to protest against everything they feel is wrong in the world.

Organised by Hacktivist group Anonymous, protesters gathered to express their discontent on a wide range of issues, including the badger cull, government surveillance and genetically modified food. The peaceful protests happened in over 400 cities across the globe, from America, to the UK, to Australia.

According to its UK website, Anonymous is “a peaceful, non-profit collective of individuals with no leader, spread across the globe”. They mainly use the Internet to achieve their goals, which is how knowledge of the march was spread. “Although our public appearance may seem intimidating, we stress that those who wish to riot and cause trouble for others do not share our values,” it said on the website.

On a website set up solely for the Million Mask March, Anonymous posted  a video with safety instructions for those who wished to take park in the demonstrations, including advice on protective clothing and acquiring a “Guy Fawkes” mask, drinking plenty of water, and watching out for each other.

Marches in London were aimed at fighting against the “persecution of the internet”, with the people feeling that too much of the internet is being monitored and censored from the public. But this wasn’t the only cause to be demonstrated against. One Anonymous protester said that the government and big businesses don’t listen to the people. “We’re here to protest against greed and call for a fairer world,” he said.

Although 15 people were actually arrested in London, the protest was mostly a peaceful one. Men with megaphones seemed to be monitoring the demonstrations with calls of “peaceful protest, peaceful protest!” when things looked as though they were going to get out of hand, and the crowds listened. Some MPs and celebrities were also known to have taken part in the demonstrations.

Anonymous also said that violence would not be tolerated during marches in the US. In a disclaimer released before the event, Anonymous denied ties with other groups wanting to cause problems with the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court. As with the London march, a few arrests were made, but the marches remained peaceful.

The Million Mask March saw people from all over the world, from different backgrounds and beliefs, coming together to show they want to change the world for the better, and everyone who took part seem to believe that can be achieved. They wanted to raise awareness for their causes, and with the global news coverage of the demonstrations, they have gotten some way towards achieving that. Another Million Mask March will take place the same time next year, 5 November 2014.

The Million Mask March: People in masks trying to get justice for the world.

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