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Masha the Homeless Cat Saves Baby

Masha the Homeless Cat Saves Baby

More often than not, when you hear about a child being saved by an animal, that animal is usually of the canine variety. In fact, you might even remember us telling you about 3-year-old Carson, who went missing from his back garden, but was kept safe by his dog, Cooper.

But hero stories about cats are even fewer and more far between. Cats are not known for looking after people – indeed, there is the old adage about a person not owning a cat, the cat owns the human. So, we wanted to share this story with you, to show that cats might be quite as selfish as you thought them to be…

Masha is a long-haired tabby cat that in the hallway of an apartment complex in Obninsk in Russia. Technically, Masha is a homeless cat, but for the last three years, she has been given food and attention by the residents of the building.

This hallway is Masha’s home. So, when she found a (human) baby abandoned in a cardboard box, things for the kitty took an exciting turn.

The baby boy, who must have been only around two or three months old, had been placed inside the cardboard box, along with a bag containing baby food, extra clothing and nappies.

During the winter, and especially at night, Obninsk temperatures can easily drop to below freezing, so Masha curled herself around the baby to keep them both warm.

One of the residents of the building, Irina Lavrova, often takes time to feed and talk to Masha, who she described as very placid and friendly.

Irina came home one day but stopped in the process of opening her front door when she heard Masha’s cries. An unusual sound, Irina was worried that Masha had injured herself.

“Normally, she would have come and said hello to me,” Irina explained. “You can imagine my shock when I saw her lying in a box next to a baby.”

The resident, a nurse, explained that Masha had climbed in the box with the baby, cuddling up to him, licking him and trying to keep him warm. “Clearly, her mothering instincts had taken over, and she wanted to protect the child,” Irina added.

Another resident, Nadezhda Makhovikova, lives in the apartment at the top of the stairs. Nadezhda said that when she heard the sounds of what she thought was a cat in distress, she was also shocked to see that Masha had made a new friend.

The baby boy appeared to have been well-taken care of before he had been left in Masha’s care, but nevertheless, paramedics rushed to the scene.

But Masha’s time with the infant had caused her to grow fond of him, so when the paramedics took the baby towards the ambulance, Masha followed them. And when the baby was taken inside the ambulance, Masha tried to jump in.

“The cat was so worried about where we were taking the baby,” said paramedic Vera Ivanina. “She ran right behind us, meowing. She was really a rational creature.”

For several hours, Masha remained on the road, looking in the direction the ambulance had gone, seemingly waiting for her ward to return to her.

The baby was taken to a nearby hospital, where the doctors found him to be absolutely fine. Everyone believes that Masha saved this little boy’s life by keeping him warm and alerting residents to the baby’s plight.

Police are still searching for baby’s parents or family, and he is being cared for in hospital, for the time being. But should his family not be found, adoption offers have been pouring in for both him and Masha since this story was first reported in Russia.

But right now, Masha is being praised as the hero she is.

“Everyone in the block is very proud of her,” beamed Irina. “We have spoiled her rotten by giving her her favourite food.”

The baby is currently being looked after in hospital


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