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Germany are Victorious at World Cup Finals

Germany are Victorious at World Cup Finals

After reaching the semi-finals for the previous three competitions, Germany have finally been crowned champions of the world as a goal from Mario Götze in extra time defeated Argentina in the World Cup final 2014.

It is the fourth time that Germany have managed to get their hands on the trophy, though the previous three occasions were under West Germany – which goes to show just how long ago it was!

Becoming four-time winners is a huge achievement  in itself – England have only won once in 1966, and Brazil have been triumphant five times, making them the only team to have won the competition more times. But to add to their amazing triumph is Germany are now also the only European team to have won the World Cup in America, or any trophy at all in South America.

Of course, this isn’t great news for Argentina, bearing witness to the last German win in 1990, and failing to have a shot on target for the first World Cup game since that very match. This match also saw the first time they have ever conceded a goal in extra time in a World Cup game.

But given that Argentina are Brazil’s greatest rivals, and it was being held in Brazil after all, Germany were a lot of fans’ favourites to win the final, especially all of the other countries there were rooting for were knocked out of the competition.

There was a lot of pressure on Argentina’s Lionel Messi, who although showed occasional flashes of his great talent throughout the game and nearly put his team ahead mere seconds after halftime, he didn’t perform quite up to expectation and didn’t seem able to follow through.

And although German midfielder Sami Khedira was injured during warm up, and his replacement, Christoph Kramer, suffered a blow to the head shortly before halftime, Germany were still able to bring it together and out-skill their opposition.

An hour after the final whistle blew and Germany had secured their victory, fans were still in their seats celebrating.  For many of them, it will have been the first time they have seen their country make it to the finals, let alone win, though they had managed to reach the semi-finals for the past two World Cups.

It certainly appears as though the best team won, and it looks like they’re determined to stay ahead of the competition for the foreseeable future. Germany: World Cup 2014 Champions!


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