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Fashion Inspired by Technology

Fashion Inspired by Technology

Advances in technology have seen rising numbers of collaborations between tech companies and fashion designers, and some just in time for London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 (SS15), which will be held on September 12.

More and more designers are extending their reach with accessories that are not only stylish, but smart too, and clothing aimed at tracking health and performance, with a variety of other tricks held up their proverbial sleeve.

A prime example of this would be Ralph Lauren’s new smart skirt which is set to go on sale in spring. The skirt contains a black box and sensors and measures a range of factors from heartbeat to respiration to stress levels. “What Ralph Lauren is hoping to do is take technology and to look at opportunities that we believe – and that our customers believe – would help them to live happier and healthier lives,” the company said.

Both industries benefit from a merging offshoot, with tech companies able to make their products better appeal to specific markets and fashion designers could develop more innovative and modern apparel.

Last year, the London College of Fashion (LCF) worked with mobile giants Nokia to showcase a 3D-printed skirt covered in mobile phones. The Nokia Lumia handsets on the skirt were linked to an app which would change the colour on the screen on each phone. The idea was to explore and demonstrate one of the many possibilities of fashion and smart technology coming together, and wasn’t actually about creating a skirt for everyday wear.

LCF is now working with Microsoft on a project for London Fashion Week and is developing courses that will help the next generation of designers better incorporate technology into their work.

“We try and get [the students] to see that stuff as a source of inspiration,” explained LCF senior lecturer Karinna Nobbs. “So, for instance, a fashion designer might look at the structure of coding to influence maybe a silhouette or a surface texture design.”

Roberta Lucca, cofounder of a 3D-printed jewellery start-up business called Wonderluk, thinks we are entering into an age of customisation and that by incorporating smart technology into fashion it can help us live our modern lives.

“These days we all live in smaller places and have smaller wardrobes, as well,” she explained. “You don’t have space for all of your [clothes], so it would be fantastic if, in the future, you could just press a button and you’d be able to print your [outfit] for the evening.”

No doubt, with the London Fashion Week SS15 just around the corner we will all bear witness to fashion and technology blending into one. Doesn’t it all bring to mind the holographic evening wear depicted in sci-fi?


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