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Daily Diamond Voucher Competition

Daily Diamond Voucher Competition

In celebration of our first week, we’ve decided to create a small competition which will give you the chance of winning £25.00 worth of PCWorld Vouchers.

Terms and conditions apply (Below)

Please visit our facebook page for more information on how to enter:


Terms and conditions

  1. The Law of England and Wales shall apply to this free to enter offer draw campaign competition
  2. The promoter of the offer is Media Cake Limited, Bristol, UK.
  3. The Rules will be administered by a Director of Media Cake Limited (hereinafter the Judge)
  4. There is no cash alternative to the prize offered
  5. The Judge’s decision is final, there is no appeal process
  6. The date of the competition is midnight 7th September 2013 until midnight 9th of September 2013
  7. The competition is open to all legal residents of the United Kingdom.
  8. Secure delivery by post or appropriate alternative is included in the prize, recipients may be required to show proof of identity to receive the gift/prize.
  9. To comply with the Gambling Act 2005 and other rules, qualifying entrants will be asked a skill based question or questions to allow them to receive the prize.
  10. No payment is required to enter the competition.
  11. Only one entry per personal legal identity is allowed.
  12. There is no second or subsequent prize
  13. There is no alternative whatsoever to the prize offered
  14. All rights are reserved by Media Cake Limited
  15. Any pictures of the prize winner, comment by the winner, may be used by Media Cake Limited without any further permission from the winner and such consent is given by the winner to this condition as a condition of entry, such consent being irrevocable an in perpetuity. Such consent includes all media including social, printed and digital, et al.
  16. The awarding of the competition prize will take place within 7 days of the final date of the competition. Delivery will be made as soon as practical.
  17. To qualify entrants must “like” Daily Diamond on Facebook and share the specified post from the Daily Diamond Facebook page. Upon selection as a potential winner the skill test must be completed to be eligible to “win” the competition prize.
  18. Three attempts will be made to contact a potential winner by any and all means. 48 hours will elapse from the time of attempting the first contact, before the expiration of the “maximum time allowed to claim the prize”. Winners are allowed to NOT collect the price and or they may elect to have the prize given to any nonpolitical, nonreligious, non-offensive UK based charity of their choice. Umpire may override an entrants choice; no reason is required to be given by the Judge or promoter.


  1. ‘Like’ Daily Diamond on Facebook.
  2. Share the post advertising this competition
  3. Supply a valid email address for contact (if private profile)
  4. Answer a skill based question, when asked

© 2013 Media Cake LTD

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