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Bungling Burglar Caught Escaping WWE Wrestlers’ Home

Bungling Burglar Caught Escaping WWE Wrestlers’ Home

It is pretty unlucky for a burglar to get caught in the act when fleeing the scene of a crime, but maybe even more so when the home they are leaving happens to belong to not one, but two professional wrestlers with the WWE.

Bryan and Brianna Danielson, better known by their stage names of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, were returning home late last Thursday night to see two men running out of their home’s back door, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bryan, 33, who is a multiple-time WWE and World heavyweight champion but is currently recovering from a neck and shoulder injury, chased after the pair and was able to catch up with 22-year-old Cesar Sosa after only 400 feet (122 metres).

The wrestler subdued the man with a rear naked choke (RNC) hold – in which the arm is used to choke an opponent from behind – and waited until police arrived. Sadly, the other suspect managed to escape.

“I saw the guys running out the back,” Bryan said at a press conference. “I chased them. I caught one of them. I kept him until police got there.”

“He was very, very tired and it literally took zero effort to take him down,” he added. “He put up very little resistance.”

While he admitted that he was very angry when he had seen the men leaving his property, Bryan said that Sosa was lucky that it hadn’t been Brianna who had chased after him as she would have been much more “violent” with him. Brie Bella is part of the Bella Twins tag team on WWE with her twin sister Nikki Bella and also a former WWE Divas Champion.

The Danielsons, who married in April earlier this year, had only lived in their home for 10 days when the incident occurred, and were worried about Josie, their two-year-old French bulldog, who was found cowering in the couple’s bathroom.

Sosa, who already has an outstanding warrant for kidnapping and burglary, was arrested on suspicion of one count of burglary.

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