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All About Wine

All About Wine

Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks around the world, and this article will be explaining a little about the differences between and origins of this beloved beverage.

So, to begin with, there are basically four main types of wine: red, white, rosè and champagne, with the first two being the most common choices. White wine is made from the innards of grapes, regardless of the colour of the fruit, though obviously different grapes produce different types of white wine. It is generally associated with being drunk during a meal with light meats or vegetable dishes as the wine is not likely to overpower the delicate flavours.

On the other hand, red wine tends to be made from dark grapes, and although the juice from these grapes is clearer than you might expect for red wine, it is actually pigments in the skin in contact with the juice during the fermentation process that give the wine its rich red colour. Red wine is typically drunk with dark meats and heavier meals, when the flavours in the meal are strong enough not to be overpowered.

Rosè, sometimes known as blush wine in the US, combines both methods of white and red wine, but the skin of the grapes is only a part of the fermentation process for up to three days typically. Rosè also has a more subtle taste than red wine reminiscent of white.

The wine considered most luxurious, champagne, is a sparkling wine made specifically in the Champagne area of France, although some people use the word ‘champagne’ as a generic term referring to sparkling wine. The grapes used in the production of champagne have to be grown in accordance to strict rules in specifically designated plots.

It is thought that w has been drunk for more than 4,500 years, with the origins tracing back to a region between the Nile and Persian Gulf. Historians think that wine was accidentally discovered between 4000 and 3000 BC, and with many references to wine in the Old Testament  of the Bible this might be quite accurate.

As human settlements began to grow into cities, trading began to flourish in the Mediterranean. Grapes were particularly favoured by the Romans and Greeks and are often portrayed in parodies of such times as a symbol of wealth – servants feeding grapes to the powerful leader. The knowledge of how to make a potent alcoholic drink from grapes quickly spread by word of mouth through the region.

Today, tough competition in the wine industry comes from the world over, and not just in quality, but in taste, richness, variety, technique and of course, price. Wine is still being used in churches, celebrations, a glass at the end of a hard day, and sometimes even for medicinal purposes.

While France tends to be known as wine country and Italy has always had an excellent selection, the US and Australia have proven to be great competition in wine producing. Depending on the process used to make the wine, a different flavour and texture is produced. The wine drinker will find out their particular likes and dislikes regarding wine, such as colour and the type, and even where it’s from. The advanced wine connoisseur may even have a specific age or year of wine they prefer, but having been around for such a long time already, there isn’t any worry that wine will be leaving us any time soon. Chin chin!


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